Several factors contribute to why a patient might have difficulty healing a wound.

Wound healing is a complex process and is especially hard in patients who have diabetes, obesity or paralysis. Various factors are responsible for poor healing in such patients including poor blood supply to the affected organ and lack of healthy surrounding tissue that can support the healing process.

Wound care clinics utilize a variety of treatment options such as novel drugs and medications and advanced wound dressings. Despite these measures to heal the wound and repair damaged organs and cells, some wounds are impossible to heal and can become life-threatening.

At BennuLife, we have had success treating persistent wounds with bone marrow derived stem cells. Many patients that have had painful, open wounds for years see complete healing in a matter of weeks.

Our clinical experience and recent research indicate that autologous stem cells can help in the healing process. Stem cells have also been shown to treat burns. Furthermore, patients showed reduced scarring when this treatment was used to help close and heal incisions.

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