At BennuLife, we take a holistic, integratvie approach to wellness, creating personalized treatment plans that optimize the body’s systems to heal. We combine the latest research and technology with 15 years of experience to bring you the best possible solutions in regenerative medicine.

Everyone is uniquely different and there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to the way our bodies feel and what reaching optimum health means. Our expert team of professionals provide you with customized wellness program aimed at empowering and promoting longevity.

We offer so much more than pain relief – we offer the chance to Live Well, Longer.

BennuLife Wellness Services

The BennuLife Wellness Program is a concierge experience combining integrative and holistic wellness. Utilizing a comprehensive protocol and the following tools, our team creates a personalized plan incorporating your specific goals.

  • Cutting-edge diagnostic tools
  • Targeted cellular nutrition
  • Supportive dietary protocols
  • Research-backed, pharmaceutical grade nutraceuticals
  • Patient-specific exercise plans
  • Metabolic, DNA, and other functional tests

As you modify your lifestyle, we present the scientific metrics behind your body’s changes to pave the progress of your renewed health and ongoing maintenance.

Our experienced doctors will give you the time and attention that traditional doctors won’t. Allow us to present fresh alternative options to achieve your best wellness and longevity.

Through personalized consultations, we can help you to reach all your health and wellness goals:

  • Optimize general health and longevity
  • Weight regulation
  • Reduce overall inflammation
  • Minimize risk of chronic illness, such as an autoimmune disease
  • Maximize athletic performance
  • Identifying and address the root cause of disease



Our wellness center has over 16 years of experience with patients in the field of nutrition and wellness. We at Bennulife have a passion for both wellness and people, and strive to provide our patients with the best quality of care and instruction in order to optimize their health and aid to achieve their goals.

People leading healthier lives

Wellness Program to Optimize Stem Cell Procedures

Our team’s mission is to help each patient achieve the best possible outcome from their stem cell and regenerative procedures. To ensure this, we apply the latest peer-reviewed research to create a customized wellness treatment plan for every patient undergoing a stem cell procedure. Our scientists have identified specific vitamins, minerals, nutritional programs, supplement protocols and integrative therapies that consistently augment and optimize your body’s stem cells pre and post procedure.

Stem Cell Optimization Benefits:

  • Helps to improve and nourish adult stem cells and their micronutrients
  • Helps to activate your own adult stem cells naturally
  • Supports a robust immune system
  • Encourages faster repair and recovery following the procedure

With anywhere between 50-70 trilion cells in your body, cellular health is crucial to an individual’s overall well-being and ongoing good health. Adult stem cells are the “master cells” of your body, in that they have the ability to maintain, self-renew, and repair throughout your entire lifetime.

Adult stem cells working at optimal levels provide the platform for many cumulative health benefits. By incorporating our BennuLife Personalized Stem Cell Optimizing Program before and after regenerative procedures, we are able to achieve the most beneficial cellular environment for stem cells. Such an environment helps your cells flourish while optimizing the efficacy of your stem cell procedures.

BennuLife’s programs and protocols are science-backed and heavily researched, designed specifically for supporting accelerated healing.