Every year, millions of people with back injuries, neck injuries, and pain undergo painful and expensive spine surgeries, or subject themselves to the risk of high dose epidural steroid injections. Frequently, surgery does not help their original pain, and they are left with other painful conditions such as decreased back motion, diminished activity levels, and chronic muscle spasms. Those who choose epidural injections typically experience minimal short term relief, but expose themselves to serious longer term side effects.

Bone marrow-derived autologous stem cell therapy offers an exciting option for relief from debilitating back pain.

  1. Our Board Certified Spine Surgeons remove your OWN stem cells in a quick in-office procedure
  2. Using a patented and FDA-approved device, we very accurately isolate the cells and proteins that will be most healing. This device allows our doctors to recover over 90 percent of the available mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from your bone marrow
  3. Our surgeon will inject the stem cells at the site of the injury. They will use an image guided (flouroscopy and/or ultrasound) injection to assure that the concentrated cells are placed precisely where optimal healing can occur.
  4. This non-surgical technique is an out-patient procedure, and for many, will not require any recuperative downtime.
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Avoid surgery and pain medications with this minimally-invasive treatment. Read this article by one of our Board Certified Orthopedic Spine Surgeons demonstrating how mesenchymal stem cell disc injections can be an effective treatment for degenerative disc disease.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy for Back Pain

  • Minimally invasive, outpatient procedure
  • Natural healing using your OWN stem cells
  • Eliminates dependance on pain medication and steroid injections
  • Short recovery time
  • Alternative to painful, expensive and risky surgery
  • No risk of rejection
  • Treatments are safe and FDA compliant
  • Regenerates damaged tissue



BennuLife is dedicated to performing stem cell research and being at the forefront of regenerative medicine. Mesenchymal, bone marrow-derived stem cells are supported by extensive research as an effective treatment for orthopedic conditions.
A recent study done by BennuLife scientists indicates that you need a critical minimum number of stem cells in order to derive benefit from the injection. The study showed that, when done correctly, stem cell therapy resulted in significantly better outcomes than surgical options, such as fusion and disc replacement. The BennuLife treatment protocols allow for the highest possible stem cell counts.  Additionally, these results have been maintained after three years of follow-up. These are incredibly encouraging results!
This 2018 study represents patients with lower back pain being treated with bone marrow concentrate. At one year follow up, all patients experienced a decrease in resting and active pain. They also reported a mean 80% total overall improvement.
At the two-year mark, the results were similar. Results of stem cell injections were compared to results from the surgical options, as well as overall patient satisfaction and improvement observations. All in all, the results prove very encouraging for anybody suffering from chronic back pain.

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Learn How Mesenchymal Stem Cells Heal

Discover the incredible potential for healing contained in your OWN stem cells! Mesenchymal stem cells can repair and replace degenerative areas in damaged joints and provides your body the opportunity for natural healing – without invasive surgery.