BennuLife leads the advancement of anti-aging therapies with our skin and hair rejuvenation treatments. With over a decade of expertise in cell therapy, our scientists have developed proprietary technology to help you repair and maintain the cellular health of your skin.

The primary cause of skin aging is a decrease in collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycan (GAG) formation.  The only cell in the body that produces collagen, elastin and GAG is called a fibroblast.  Starting in ours 20s, fibroblasts begin to slowly lose their function, until by our 50s, very little of these proteins are being produced.  Without these three proteins produced by the fibroblast cells, the skin loses elasticity, firmness and moisture.  This results in increased skin wrinkling and changes in skin tone and texture.

Scientists have determined that the mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) is the cell responsible for producing fibroblasts.  If MSCs are either indirectly or directly (see diagram below) introduced into the dermis, they will reproduce themselves as a stem cell as well as differentiate into brand new fibroblasts.  These new fibroblasts will produce collagen, elastin and GAG to help restore and maintain the skin’s firmness, elasticity and hydration.

PRP+ – Growth factors within the platelets recruit MSCs to the dermis (indirect therapy)


BMC+(BONE MARROW) – MSCs are directly infused into the dermis (direct therapy)

BennuLife’s treatments utilize your body’s own natural growth factors, proteins and stem cells to reduce wrinkles, scarring, dark spots and offer a more rejuvenated appearance.

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Select your source.

PRP+ : Our trained nurse or technician obtains a sample of your blood from your arm.

BMC+ : Our board certified doctor aspirates a sample of your bone marrow from your hip bone.


Target the regenerative properties.

Our cutting-edge technology removes the unnecessary and inflammatory components as it concentrates the regenerative properties of either your blood or bone marrow sample. We pride ourselves on using the safest and most effective technology available.


Infuse your skin.

We prepare your skin with an exfoliating facial and then follow with a micro-needling infusion of either your highly concentrated plasma or stem cell concentrate.



Our PRP+ and BMC+ therapies intervene in the skin’s aging process, to repair, slow, and prevent signs of aging, through an integrative and modulated approach to cell therapy and restorative wellness. The process includes a simultaneous procedure of micro-needling and a dermal infusion of your PRP+ or stem cells through BMC+.

We believe the most effective, life long way to correct and maintain healthier skin is to repeat our PRP+ and BMC+ therapies on a quarterly basis or as desired and approved by our clinicians. Our staff physicians recommend the combination of BMC+ and PRP+ therapies in order to maximize life-long regenerative effects. It is our combination of micro-trauma application and delivery of the healing cascade that promote the regeneration of the skin tissue.


The presence of cellulite is the abnormal formation of tissues and the body’s fat cells. A loss of fat consequentially, does not remedy the malformed collagen structures. Our multi-functional PRP+ and BMC+ treatments target the cellulite at the cellular level, in both dermal and skin healing as well as repairing and remodeling the malformed adipose (fat) tissue. The delivery of these growth factors, proteins, and stem cells not only treats the immediate issue but equips the body to prevent future malformations of the body’s tissues.


This therapy integrates multiple levels of healing and regeneration for the body. The delivery of our PRP+ and BMC+ allow for deep healing and the slow release of growth factors to promote the regeneration and long term healing of hair follicles, which are located in the dermis. This outperforms topical products as our therapies penetrate the dermis to deliver vital stem cells, growth factors and proteins to enhance and initiate and support the healing process. Healthy hair follicles will foster and promote long-term healthy and strong hair.

When will I see results?

This treatment is designed to stimulate skin rejuvenation from a cellular level so the effect is gradual. Improvement in the skin is usually noticeable within weeks after your treatment.