A Stem Cell Scientist Fact-Checks the Media

For its October 2016 edition, Men’s Journal ran a lengthy investigative article on stem cell research and the stem cell industry. Provocatively titled “Does Stem Cell Therapy Actually Work?,” this piece prompted a lengthy reply from Celling Biosciences’s Dr. Matt Murphy, a respected stem cell researcher with a distinguished record in both academia and the biotech industry.

Due to the intricate nature of the science, coverage of stem cells in popular media tends to be simplified and makes no effort to distinguish between the various types and the properties unique to each. For example, the two main types of stem cells are embryonic stem cells (ESCs) and adult stem cells. Adult stem cells, specifically, are found in tissues throughout the human body and are necessary for tissue repair, maintenance, and growth over the course of life. When a patient undergoes an autologous cell therapy, adult stem cells are extracted from his or her own body, either from bone marrow or adipose tissue (fat).

As summarized by Dr. Murphy:

Physicians have used autologous stem cells in the forms of bone, bone marrow, and skin grafts for more than 100 years. Two primary types of adult stem cells are called mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs). These cells have the ability to differentiate into many other types of adult cells, but their primary purpose in the body is to regulate the functions of other cells for normal maintenance and remodeling of tissues as well as the repair of injured tissues. Since 1990, several clinical studies and case series have been published demonstrating not only the safety and efficacy (for specific conditions being treated) using autologous cell concentrates from bone marrow or blood, but that in many applications there was a link between the number of MSCs in concentrated marrow and how well patients responded clinically….

The use of bone marrow and blood concentrates has been standard practice in orthopedic and spine procedures for many years. Spine surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, and sports medicine doctors became comfortable with these technologies and gradually (but conservatively) expanded the conditions treated based on increased successful outcomes….

If regenerative medicine is to see its full potential, autologous therapies must not be ignored.

To reiterate, any treatment described as “autologous” only involves cells or tissues taken from the same individual. And that is an option we offer at here at BennuLife. Our team of world-class healthcare providers are trained on the latest peer-reviewed science including adult stem cell therapy and other minimally-invasive procedures. Dr. Andres Lerner, M.D., our specialist on arthritis, carpal tunnel, and other hand ailments, is currently accepting patients.

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