How Mindful Meditation Can Help Relieve Pain

In the world today, there are many people who struggle with chronic pain on a daily basis. It might be a result of a medical problem or it might be because they are suffering from the effects of an accident or physical abuse.

For the average person who only deals with occasional pain, the solution is fairly simple. Usually, they just reach for an analgesic and then move on. But for someone with chronic pain, the situation is much more complicated. That’s because chronic pain goes beyond physical pain. After suffering with it for a while, the person also begins to suffer from emotional pain.

For one thing, anyone dealing with long-term, chronic pain will tell you that they are also battling anger about their situation. They often feel, and sometimes express, anger toward people who can’t understand that they are dealing with severe pain that never goes away.

If chronic pain is not adequately treated, it begins to wear down a person to the point where they become deeply depressed. Of course, there are painkillers that will help manage the symptoms but they don’t treat the underlying problem.

If it seems like nothing will help anymore, you might want to try using some of the techniques of mindfulness. For some people, mindfulness not only helps relieve physical pain but can also help manage the emotional side effects that often accompany chronic pain.

Mindfulness can help change the way your body experiences pain. It can teach people to focus on the body’s sensations and emotional responses when they are in pain. Most other approaches advise people to try not to think about the pain but doing that can actually add to the stress, which in turn causes even more pain.

By learning the techniques of mindfulness, a person can decrease their pain and, often, gain the peace that has been eluding them. The techniques teach you to go inside yourself to find your quiet place and then to focus on each part of the body and “ask” it how it feels about the pain.

Don’t fight the pain and don’t judge it. It also helps if you can stop seeing it as a negative. This is hard to do but the goal is to just become aware of it. Become aware of your surroundings. Is the chair that you are sitting on hard or soft? Can you picture each part of your body relaxing? Are you focusing on each area of your body and viewing it as just a neutral force that is inside your body?

As you go over your body, go over each area slowly and focus on only that one part. Develop awareness of what you feel when you deal with that body part. For example, is it warm or is it cold?

The goal is to only concentrate on what you are feeling in that part rather than the pain you’re feeling there. Once you have experienced mindfulness in each part of your body, go over your body as a whole and become completely aware of what it is feeling.

Give mindfulness a chance and you will be surprised with how much more relaxed you will be about handling the pain you are experiencing. This is a perfect example of the powerful connection between the body and the mind.

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