How to Make Meal Prep a Part of Your Healthy Lifestyle

Many health and fitness experts are devoted to the concept of meal prepping. You may have seen photos on social media of massive amounts of healthy foods prepared and portioned out for a week’s worth of eating. The reason meal prepping has so many devoted fans is because it is an excellent way to keep your healthy eating on track. Not only that, but once you get the hang of it, you will end up saving yourself lots of time in the kitchen. And if you tend to eat out frequently, meal prepping will also save you a lot of cash.

The basic idea behind meal prepping is to prepare your meals for a set amount of time all at once. We have all fallen victim to the allure of fattening convenience foods when we are too rushed to prepare something healthy from scratch. And many people struggle with eating high-calorie meals during the lunch hour simply because they forgot or couldn’t find the time to pack a healthy lunch from home.  Or have you ever found yourself eating healthy meals only to completely erase all of your progress by losing control when it comes to snacks? Meal prep can change all of that.

Many people think that meal prepping for an entire week’s worth of meals if too daunting of a challenge. However, there plenty of ways to customize your meal prep in order to make it work for you and your goals. For example, you could start out by prepping for just two or three days at a time, instead of a week. Or you could prep your lunches and snacks for the work week, but make your breakfast and dinner fresh every day. Feel free to do whatever works best for your time limitations and your goals.

If you’re ready to give meal prep a try, here are a few ideas to ensure your success. Only prep foods that you really like and don’t mind eating over and over again. However, your meals don’t all have to be exactly the same. For example, if you’re making overnight oats for your breakfast, you could top each oatmeal container with a different fruit. Or try making one meal and vegetable dish that you eat in a wrap one day, over rice one day, over quinoa the next day, and over salad another day. Find foods that won’t become too soggy. You may find that your favorite type of lettuce doesn’t last five days as a salad so perhaps you have to try a few different lettuce types before you find something that works. Or perhaps the way you are storing your foods could be altered to keep things fresher for longer periods of time. For example, try keeping sauces and dressings in separate containers from the rest of your food.

Meal prepping is an excellent way to keep you on your way to meeting your health and fitness goals.  While it is a big task, it is definitely a great option for anyone who has ever struggled to consistently eat healthy.

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