Why you Should be Drinking Ginseng Tea

Ginseng is a natural supplement with a multitude of reputed health benefits ranging from cancer prevention to weight loss. The Ginseng root has been cultivated throughout Asia for centuries and is revered for its healing properties within traditional medicine circles. This article will highlight the health benefits of Panax Ginseng, a type of ginseng primarily grown in Korea and widely available throughout the world from Asian grocery stores.

Lose Weight

Ginseng assists in the weight loss process by speeding up the metabolism and assisting with the digestion process. Ginseng tea is a healthy alternative that contains only a small amount of glucose; therefore it is a good alternative to sugary drinks which can contribute to weight gain.

Mental stimulation

Ginseng is understood to be an adaptogen with the ability to assist the body in achieving optimal function and reducing oxidative stress. In turn, this promotes a healthy mind. Panax ginseng is naturally stimulating and is not habit forming like caffeine.

Reduce breakouts

Whilst the precise cause of acne or breakouts is unclear, processed foods and refined sugars are thought to contribute to this. Many of those who drink ginseng on a daily basis report skin-clearing benefits. This is thought to be due to the anti-inflammatory properties. Replacing sugary drinks with ginseng tea also assists in removing impurities from your body as it is usually taken dissolved in pure water.

Sleep aid

Panax ginseng is a natural herb which can assist in regulating the sleep cycle. However, take care in regulating your use as it can raise blood pressure with excessive consumption. The sleep benefits are a result of healthy blood flow and anxiety reducing properties.  The Asian population has understood the power of ginseng in treating sleep disorders for centuries. Not all users report a significant increase in sleep quality; however, it is worth trying as an alternative to synthetic sleeping pills.


Antioxidants help to repair cell damage and prevent uncontrolled cell growth, which can lead to cancer. Whilst taking ginseng does not guarantee that you will not get cancer at some point in your lifetime, it is thought to significantly reduce the odds. This is due to the presence of ginsenosides which have anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties and are only found within the ginseng root.

Erectile dysfunction

Ginseng increases blood flow and is thought to improve sperm count and sexual performance in men.

Ginseng has been used for centuries in traditional medicine. Whilst the benefits are well understood within the Asian community, it should be noted that intensive studies are only just now beginning to occur on the health benefits of ginseng. It is likely that new information about the health benefits of ginseng will come to light in the coming years. If you suffer from any of the ailments above, you might try ginseng as a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals. Be sure to first consult your doctor if you suffer from high blood pressure or have any other concerns about the use of ginseng.

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  • Very interesting and informative article, it certainly seems to help a variety of conditions. I will have to try it, hopefully I am able to find a stockist without too much trouble.


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