5 Reasons to Get Into Running

Running. You’ve seen so many people doing, but never considered it yourself. It looks like hard work right? It is, but here are 5 reasons why running is worth considering as a way to get fit and improve your lifestyle.

  • It’s a relatively inexpensive hobby to get in, once you’ve purchased some good running shoes you’ll be good to go! Running shoes needn’t cost an arm and a leg either. Find your nearest specialist running shop and ask them for advice on some good shoes for beginners. It is extremely important you do get some good running shoes so you don’t damage your joints! Good running shoes will dramatically reduce the impact you feel when running and should make running a very enjoyable experience.
  • Once you have your shoes, you can go pretty much wherever you like for a run. You’re not restricted by opening times (although inclement weather might be off-putting for some!) and there are no admission costs and no monthly fees. This makes it easy to fit running in around times that suit you, perhaps after the kids have been dropped off at school, before the early morning commute, or maybe after you get home from work! There’s a lot of flexibility from running so you can work it around your lifestyle to suit your needs, no-one else’s.
  • Running is an excellent cardio-vascular workout – arguably one of the best cardio-vascular workouts you can do. As such, not only is it good for weight loss, it helps prevent strokes, heart attacks, and can help prevent heart disease. The movement and impact can be good for bones and muscles too – although too much impact can be harmful to your joints. Remember, everything in moderation – this includes running!
  • Your mental health and wellbeing can also benefit from running. As with all forms of physical exercise, running releases endorphins in the brain. Endorphins are natures happy drug that can make people feel more energetic, and also improve your overall mood. It also helps long term as you become physically fitter, mentally you will also benefit as you become stronger, fitter, and see those pounds drop off!
  • Running doesn’t need to be a lonely undertaking. Many areas have running clubs with running groups, this can be great for people who need additional support or are perhaps nervous about going out on their own. Running with others can give you the motivational and moral support you need, as well as providing some light-hearted competition for you! A quick search on Google will likely yield results of any clubs or events in your local area. Of course, you may enjoy the peace and tranquillity that comes from running solo – sometimes it can be a great way to get away from it all and have some quiet time to yourself.

So there you have it, 5 reasons to help convince you that running is a great option to pick if you’re looking to lose weight, feel better, make new friends, enjoy some peace and quiet… or all of the above!

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