5 Foods You Didn’t Know Were Making You Bloated

No one likes the feeling of being bloated. We’ve all experienced that painful, this-is-going-to-be-a-fat-day feeling that leaves you clutching your belly and avoiding tight clothing. Some foods are obvious culprits of the dreaded bloating, such as greasy takeout meals, carbohydrate-heavy breads and pastas, and beans. The sodium filled snacks that leave you feeling gassy or round in the tummy should simply be avoided, right? In fact, there are many foods that cause bloating that most people don’t know about. Maybe some of your favorite ingredients are culprits on the list!

  1. Green Veggies
    There’s no end to the benefits of eating green vegetables like broccoli, spinach, kale, and cabbage. However, these nutritional powerhouses also contain raffinose which is difficult for the body to break down and causes gas and bloating as a result. Make sure your diet is still full of greens, but maybe not right before that big night out!
  1. Onions
    Onions contain a surprising amount of carbohydrate and also cause the stomach bloating gases that we normally associate with beans. So many dishes contain onion that you might not even realise that it’s causing your bloating! A small portion shouldn’t affect you too much, but a dish that’s heavy on sautéed onion or chunks of raw red onion in your salad might leave you feeling unexpectedly puffy.
  1. Chewing Gum
    If you have an addiction to popping your bubble gum or chewing a minty gum after lunch, you might inadvertently be causing yourself some heavy bloating. All of that chewing adds to the air in your stomach and leads to the bloated belly that you might normally associate with a “food baby” rather than some simple gum! Try leaving that Orbit or Bubbalicious in your pocket next time.
  1. Soup
    Many dieters rely on soup as a low calorie but filling meal option and it certainly has its benefits. However, canned and cup soups often contain a startling amount of sodium which is the main culprit for serious bloating. Check the package next time and you’ll probably get an unpleasant surprise! Stick with freshly made broths and low sodium stock cubes for your soups in future.
  1. Almond Milk
    Plenty of people avoid dairy to cut down on bloating, but did you know that almond milk is just as likely to leave you feeling puffy? Many nut milks contain a thickening agent  called carrageenan which causes gastric discomfort and that familiar round tummy. Look for brands that don’t contain this sneaky ingredient to stop yourself feeling uncomfortable or puffy.

There’s no point trying to avoid the dreaded bloat all of the time but you might want to keep yourself feeling slender and comfortable ahead of a big night out or a date. If that’s the case, consider steering clear of these foods. Maybe we don’t normally associate them with bloating but they can be the secret cause of that puffy tummy you’d like to avoid!

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