5 Advantages of Running on Sand

Most runners use roads or treadmills for their exercise. That’s a shame¬†because there’s another surface that offers unique advantages – sand. Beach running is not available to everyone, but those who have access to a sandy shore should consider this option. Here are five advantages of running on sand.

  1. It’s easier on the joints. When your foot lands on sand, the surface shifts and absorbs your weight gradually. Because there is a softer impact, running on sand results in less stress on ankles, knees, and hips. This is especially beneficial to those who have developed joint problems due to running.
  1. It uses more muscles. When you push off from sand, the sand shifts again and the stabilizing muscles in your feet, ankles, thighs, and hips are engaged as you propel yourself forward. Accordingly, running on sand gives you a complete workout of the muscles of the lower body.
  1. It requires more energy. Because it uses more muscles, running on sand run burns up more calories in the same period of time. So it’s a great idea for anyone who has little time for working out!
  1. It provides beautiful scenery and fresh air. Those who run on treadmills and those who run on pavement will enjoy the view of the water and shore and the sound of waves. Also, proximity to an ocean or lake usually yields fresh air – and there is often a refreshing breeze.
  1. It’s a welcome change from running on other surfaces. Running on sand is a unique form of running, in all the ways already mentioned. So when you return to the treadmill or the road, you’ll be ready to tackle those challenges again.

Running is a great form or exercise, but it can become boring or tedious. Running on sand is a unique experience that offers certain advantages. Try it the next time you’re near a beach!

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